Group Dynamics in Action Groups 2018-01-16T17:24:26+00:00

The Group Dynamics in Action group are regular sessions when participants can experience group dynamics in action and learn more about how we show up in groups and the impact of who we are when we are in the presence of other people.

The aim of the each session is to experience group dynamics in real time and develop our understanding of ourselves and other people in the groups we facilitate and consult to.You will be able to sharpen your observation skills; surface the assumptions and unconscious biases that may be affecting your professional judgements, sense making and decisions;As professional practitioners we often work with groups of leaders and senior managers where we give feedback.  The group provides you with the opportunity to give and receive feedback in real time and then compare this with your own experience.

The workshop will be based on a gestalt approach to working with groups and will provide a container in which we can work together to understand the group we have formed. Gestalt is a holistic approach to working with individuals and groups and is firmly rooted in humanistic psychology and process facilitation. It emphasises the idea of working in the ‘here and now’ rather than delving into the past or imagining what he future might be like.If you are prepared to explore your presence and responses in groups with a group of different people, then this workshop will provide you with a suitable environment.

The programme will begin with time and space for you to introduce yourself and get to know the other people in the room. We will explore what it is like to work in the here and now and will use a number of processes that can illuminate the dynamics at play and provide us with the confidence to explore these dimensions. We will review the gestalt cycle and use it as a model to guide us during the day.We will contract with each other about how we work together and the group will be conducted with complete confidentiality about your personal experiences.There will be time and space for you to work in pairs and in small groups to discuss your understanding of groups. And there will be time spent in the whole group where we can deepen our understanding and develop our skills in working with group process. This will build on your experience of the Master Class in Process Facilitation and is an opportunity to deepen your skills in this important area of capability and practice.

David Lines an experienced gestalt facilitator will work with you to surface the dynamics of the group during the day and how you can become more sensitive to the subtle cues and clues that can inform you about what is happening inside you and the group.