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Gestalt is a holistic approach to working with individuals and groups and is firmly rooted in humanistic psychology and process facilitation. It emphasises the idea of working in the ‘here and now’ in groups rather than delving into the past or imagining what the future might be like. Gestalt focuses on learning from understanding how we construct and make sense of the systems, groups and individuals with whom we live and work.

The programme will be organised around a process of gestalt inquiry so you can develop the skills of reflective practice and are able to research your practice. The experience and skills on inquiry will enable you to build you capability to work in highly ambiguous and uncertain environments and increase your professional and personal confidence.

Gestalt group dynamics in action is about developing insight through inquiring about what is happening in ourselves and others, being more aware of how we impact others in groups and how groups influence and affect us as professional practitioners.

What past participants have said

Who should attend?

If you consider yourself to be a professional who works with individuals and organisations in the following capacities, then this programme is for you.

  • Organisational developers

  • Leadership facilitators

  • Executive coaches

  • Internal consultants

  • Independent practitioners who run their own professional practice

Benefits and Values

The Certificate in Professional Practice is designed to be on a level with a Post Graduate Certificate and can therefore be added to your continuing professional development journey and submitted as evidence of extended professional development.

Programme Structure and Dates

Module 1: Awareness of Self and Others

25 – 27 September 2017

Telunas Beach Resort, Batam

Module 2: Power, Inclusion, Leadership and Followership

6 – 7 November 2017
Lime House

Module 3: Exploring and understanding organisational systems

16 – 19 January 2018
Telunas Beach Resort, Batam

Module 4: Understanding of the deeper impact of your practice

14 – 15 June 2018
The Lime House
Self and peer assessments and peer led workshops

Module 5: Finishing the unfinished business

13 – 14 September 2018
The Lime House
Self and peer creditation with award from Relational Change

Oversight of Professional Practice

Dr David Lines, Dr Lynda Osborne of Relational Change and Professor Paul Barber will oversee the Certificate in Professional Practice and will read through the final papers that are submitted after the Peer and Self Assessment process. This is an integral aspect of monitoring your awareness and the progress of your professional journey.

About Relational Change

Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with their associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, Relational Change aims to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of Organisational Development, Community Building, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Relational Change is the partner of ‘The Relational Center’, in Los Angeles and of ‘Relational Matters’, in Australia and an Organisational Member of INTAGIO.

More information at: www.relationalchange.org

About Professor Paul Barber

Professor Paul Barber have a PhD in Group Facilitation from the University of Surrey, an MSc in Management and Education from Edinburgh University, a BA in Social Sciences and the Arts from the Open University, and an Honorary Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

He sees individuals and couples and facilitate Gestalt personal development groups. In addition, Professor Barber supervise other practitioners as well as coaches and consultants.

He teaches Gestalt practice, group facilitation, clinical philosophy and research, counselling and organisational consultancy in university settings, and have researched and published widely on health, therapy and organisational change.

More information at: www.gestaltinaction.com

Assessment Process

There will be

  • Two written assignments to be completed and assessed during the programme
  • Participation in all five modules including the two island intensives are essential for successful completion and the award of a Certicate in Professional Practice
  • Self and Peer Assessment of practice with evidence of application to professional practice that will be written up as a final paper

Further detail of the two written assignments will be provided for those people who decide to attend the programme.

Financial Investment

*Early Bird Pricing* Registration by the end of June 2017 at SGD $10,525.00.

Registration after July to mid-August, 2017 at SGD $12.225.00.

 The financial investment for the year long programme will include the following.

  • All facilitation by Dr David Lines
  • Programme materials
  • Fee for Award by Relational Change UK
  • Lime House – refreshments and lunch
  • Telunas Beach Resort – transfer from Batam to Telunas and return, accomodation in a personal chalet, all meals and refreshments whilst on the island

The programme investment does not include.

  • Personal travel to and from Singapore for overseas visitors or accomodation in Singapore
  • Ferry transport from Singapore to Batam and return via Batam Fast Ferry