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The landscape of companies and businesses is changing faster than we think. The challenges we are facing can often obscure what is really happening beneath the surface of your practice. Change is constant and ambiguity and uncertainty will increase.

The agile and adaptable executive will work with an experienced executive coach to make the changes that will take them into the new business environment.

New ways of thinking and behaving are the navigational tools that will enable you to be successful in the rapidly changing and emerging business world.

Many professional practitioners work on their own or with one or two trusted colleagues. Very few of us will go diving alone out there in the ocean. We go with a buddy and have a support vessel to make sure we are safe during our journey into the water.

Knowing you have a group of other professionals, who can accompany you on your journey into the waters of your practice, who can support and challenge you when required and provide different insights will help you to flourish in your professional life.

There may be no known paths available for you to take and you will need to create the path by walking into your own future. And you do not have to do so alone.

The Deep Dive Process is a collaborative inquiry where you systematically examine your challenges and uncover the hidden beliefs that are holding back your professional development.

David Lines, an experienced Doctoral level facilitator, will coach and facilitate a deep dive beneath the surface of your current challenges to see what might be hindering, or supporting you as you face the challenges and increase your capability to create fresh strategies for resolving the problems you face as a professional.

Principal Consultant – David Lines PhD

Dr. David Lines is an executive coach, process consultant and facilitator. He coaches executives and CEOS to realise their full potential and develop deep understanding of how they can lead more effectively and authentically in a fast paced, changing world.

David is the Founder and Principal Consultant of David Lines and Associates, an executive coaching practice and process consultancy. The guiding principles of the practice are rooted the belief that individuals can work out and resolve their own issues and learning within an authentic, compassionate and challenging coaching environment.

David has an interactive style that encourages participants to be fully involved with their learning and development journey. David has a PhD from the University of Surrey, in the UK, where he carried out original research into executive career pathways. His research into the career paths of executive directors provided him with significant insights into the operational world of executives and the significant challenges they face in their business life.

He specifically works with individuals who are undertaking career transitions, who are working within a fast paced changing organisations and those who are being on-boarded into senior roles. David’s personal experience of on-boarding into senior roles within complex organisations provides him with significant context about the subtle aspects of being a senior hirer

David takes a holistic approach to executive coaching adopting and adapting his style and focus to the situation that the coachee is currently living through whilst balancing the requirements of the individual with the needs and purpose of the organisation.

David started his own practice in 1989 and has worked with executive directors, and CEOs across a number of industries and private sectors. These include Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Civil Service in the UK and Singapore. David has also worked in the not for profit sector with directors and CEOs of several charities.

Previous clients have said

David has an extremely valuable mix of support and challenge he provides real insight and expertise. His style is purposeful and non-directive, As a Chief Executive, it is a rare gift to work with someone who has the intellect, talent, integrity and empathy to stretch and develop me.
I have benefitted from David’s work over the past two decades. He has provided Executive coaching and senior management development for our top teams in a number of different organisations I have worked in. The results have consistently been impressive. He has enormous insight both with individuals and achieves real gains for both.
Career coaching of several directors preparing them for the transition and role of CEO. I subsequently continued to mentor them as they on-boarded through the first six to nine months, as they established themselves as new CEOs
A female senior manager with a PhD was having difficulty establishing her presence in executive meetings. We established she was using overly scientific language to explain her point of view and as a result was less effective in engaging her colleagues. She was able to alter her language register without losing the depth of the thinking behind her comments and found her influence and respect for her capabilities increased.

Our Partners

Relational Change

Relational Change promotes a relational approach in all walks of life. Together with their associates and affiliated centres in the UK and Europe, Relational Change aims to deliver value to people, groups and communities in the areas of Organisational Development, Community Building, Coaching and Psychotherapy.

Relational Change is the partner of ‘The Relational Center’, in Los Angeles and of ‘Relational Matters’, in Australia and an Organisational Member of INTAGIO.

More information at: www.relationalchange.org

Professor Paul Barber
PhD, MSc, BA, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

Professor Paul Barber have a PhD in Group Facilitation from the University of Surrey, an MSc in Management and Education from Edinburgh University, a BA in Social Sciences and the Arts from the Open University, and an Honorary Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy.

He sees individuals and couples and facilitate Gestalt personal development groups. In addition, Professor Barber supervise other practitioners as well as coaches and consultants.

He teaches Gestalt practice, group facilitation, clinical philosophy and research, counselling and organisational consultancy in university settings, and have researched and published widely on health, therapy and organisational change.

More information at: www.gestaltinaction.com