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Why work with Gestalt? An insight into how gestalt influenced my practice.

June 25th, 2016|0 Comments

Recently one of my coachees, whom I am supervising, asked me the following question; ‘Why Gestalt?’ Two words that evoke many possible responses, and as I clarified what she was asking I uncovered an inquiry into my philosophical and methodological foundations. I have become so used to gestalt in my work that for me it has become the very ground in which I work and the way in which I endeavour to live my professional and personal life. The question has prompted me to provide a slightly wider vie [...]

Awareness – An Essential Gestalt Inquiry Stream

June 7th, 2016|0 Comments

  As I walked through the hot crowded streets of Hong Kong this morning I relaxed myself into the throng of activity around me. As I did so I became more aware of my environment, I was out of my head and into my body-mind. The fragrances that permeated the streets, the throb of traffic as buses and cars passed within a few feet of the path on which I was walking. I noticed my fingers were tingling as my circulation relaxed and increased blood flow in my hands. My feet made contact with the [...]

Guest’s Post: Reflection on Gestalt Group Dynamics

April 14th, 2016|0 Comments

Diversity, Dominance, Power, Authority, Gender, Age... These are themes I have been through myself in various parts of my life, and observed in many people as we learn to be authentic in groups. In the view of Gestalt, the learning of group dynamic is not simply about learning how to deal with groups, thus one should not expect to attend a Gestalt Group Dynamics workshop and walk off with a set of tools and/or solution to on how to deal with group. Gestalt values experiential learning; learn fro [...]

A Gestalt approach to Conflict

March 30th, 2016|0 Comments

In the past few weeks many of the participants who regularly come to group dynamics or professional practice workshops have identified conflict, resolution and mediation as an important area in their practice and lives. In this post I intend to offer a gestalt perspective on conflict and how we might as practitioners take a closer look and inquire into what conflict means to us. How we respond to conflict while it is happening and what happens when we anticipate that there may be conflict on the [...]

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The agile and adaptable executive will work with an experienced executive coach to make the changes that will take them into the new business environment.

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Many professional practitioners work on their own or with one or two trusted colleagues. Very few of us will go diving alone out there in the ocean. We go with a buddy and have a support vessel to make sure we are safe during our journey into the water.

Knowing you have a group of other professionals, who can accompany you on your journey into the waters of your practice, who can support and challenge you when required and provide different insights will help you to flourish in your professional life.

There may be no known paths available for you to take and you will need to create the path by walking into your own future. And you do not have to do so alone.

The Deep Dive Process is a collaborative inquiry where you systematically examine your challenges and uncover the hidden beliefs that are holding back your professional development.

David Lines, an experienced Doctoral level facilitator, will coach and facilitate a deep dive beneath the surface of your current challenges to see what might be hindering, or supporting you as you face the challenges and increase your capability to create fresh strategies for resolving the problems you face as a professional.