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The Deep Dive Process is a collaborative inquiry where you systematically examine your challenges and uncover the hidden beliefs that are holding back your professional development.

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We base our work on humanistic principles and use gestalt as an underlying guiding methodology. We approach coachees as independent individuals who are working in complex organisational and business settings. It is important for our work to assume that these executives are capable of resolving their own issues and challenges, therefore we see ourselves as being there in a supportive and challenging capacity to ask appropriate questions and ensure the coachees become more adept at reflecting on their situations and develop deeper understanding of the more subtle aspects of what itmight take to be more effective in their roles.

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Professionals who work within complex, fast changing organisations, often on their own with groups or individuals rely on their personal and professional skills to be effective in what they do. However, it becomes very easy to repeat what works well and ignore those areas that require change and further development.

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Principal Consultant – David Lines PhD

Dr. David Lines, the Founder and Principal Consultant of David Lines and Associates, is an executive coach, process consultant and facilitator. He coaches executives and CEOS to realise their full potential and develop deep understanding of how they can lead more effectively and authentically in a fast paced, changing world.. The guiding principles of the practice are rooted the belief that individuals can work out and resolve their own issues and learning within an authentic, compassionate and challenging coaching environment.

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